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Irrac ★★
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Tentacle situation YCH
omg sorry

This is scetch, final work will be lined and coloured!

- I dont have AB bc I wanna know how much work like this will cost. But if bid will be more than 20$ I`ll draw extra scetch!!

- I can do small changes (ex.: change face expression). Big changes will cost extra money
- This is approximate colors. The final work will be more bright and colourful
- Any race, female only
- Paypal\Sberbank\QIWI
- 100% Prepayment, 48 hours to make a payment
- The work will take from 1 day to 1.5 week

Comission info - irracat.tumblr....ent-paypal

Tumblr - irracat.tumblr.com/
DA - www.deviantart.com/1racat
VK - vk.com/irracat
Ko-Fi - ko-fi.com/iracat
Twitter - twitter.com/Irracat_2

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