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[4/6] A Kiss from Twilight
Valentine's Day Special

This is the fourth in my series for the valentines, I'm starting to think I might get the remane 2 before valentine.

======= Your OC goes in Rarity's place =======
If you want to have your OC doing the kissing to Twilight, you have but to ask and I'll swap the roles.
======= To have somepony else kiss =======
If the winner of the auction wants somepony else to do the kissing (AKA two OCs) there is a $7 added for the creation and rigging of the extra model.
I can't however, replace Twilight by any of the remane 5 as that would unsettle the series.

The final picture will be 1280x720, 30fps.
Please click on the image for a preview or check the canon version at derpibooru here: derpibooru.org/1957610

I can make your OC into a pointy pony and fit it in this gif. Both mares and stallions with wings, horns or both, also bats and kirins.

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