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Hello, i sell my suit made by "Le coin d'Irinae" on Facebook (and character), because i didn't use it anymore...
The fursuit is wear 3 time and the character came with 1 refsheet and 3 drawings
The fursuit is composed with :
1 head (picture of the inside and outside), a little problem with one of the ears (she move when walking, but don't seems to be detached, i think this can be easily fix)
1 tail, approximatly 110 cm, can be attatched easily with a belt
2 front legs, approximatly 55 cm.

This is my first suit, so i don't really know if it have problems or things like that, but i never see any place who loose furr or fell appart !

Please be sure to know that the sipping price isn't count on the bid ! The price will depend on the country you live (this can go from 50 to 100$ approximatly), i only do Hand delivery in Narbonne, France.
Thanks :)

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