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Christmas Tree (by Mimicry)
Pony/Furry/Human YCH

I need your support!!

This is a sketch. With bid more than $60 it will look better!
I accept any race, but only girls, please! Pre-payment must be on Paypal in USD, and my deadline is 21 day. If I won't finish the picture after end of deadline you'll get refund. I want you to be satisfied, not just me!~

STARTING BID - you'll get uncolored sketch, I will remove the background.
From $60 you'll get lineart filled with color of your girl, without shading, background missed as well
From $80 you'll get fullshaded picture with simple background! Also you can change the outfit shape
From $100 you unlock nude version! (without garland, nipples and pussy can be discernible~)
From $120 you'll get both variants
From $200 you'll get simply animated picture, the example are old enough, but I hope you're okay with that! ( ych.commishes.c...ording-me/ )
From $250 you'll get animated picture with more animated details, it will look smother and more realistic I guess^^
From $300 you'll get lewd edit: tentacles, gags, dicks, saliva or etc, anything light you'll ask!
From $500 you'll get edit with any fetish you'd prefer, really.

Thank you for your support, I really appreciate that!

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