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MissJessiie ★★★
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Squishy Face [Animation]
Bid to have this as your character!

Please note that when bidding on this YCH you will be bidding in Great British Pounds, Not United State Dollars as i live in the United Kingdom. Even though it says Dollars on this site i will only be accepting GBP.

The winner of this Auction will have this image as their character.
Any Gender.
Any pony species accepted.
The hands can either be human hands or a fursonas hands.

♥ SB- Lineart & Flat Colours
♥ £20- Shading, plus all of the above.
♥ £25- Any Edits can be made. Example; Expression change.
♥ £30+- Textures can be added, plus any other edits/ changes can be made to your liking!

Payment must be made within 24 hours after the Auction ends.
Paypal only.

Thanks for reading. c:

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MissJessiie's portfolio

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