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renuve ★★
Destiny Nowicki
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Tomboy bunny ADOPTION

Starting bid is cheap because I didn't do any adoption in a loong time, so here is quite experimental. If it sells well I might do a series of adoption !

So few things I was thinking when I designed this character:
I wanted to make a tomboy character but if you buy it you can change its gender. I was kinda practicing different body type for this one ( wide shoulders and small hips )
Also I put a lot of tiles/diamonds because I thought it will be fun.

For SB you'll get plain .png without watermark
If the price goes higher than 60USD I will add shaded version
If the price goes higher than 80USD you will get one outfit edit of your choice
If the price goes higher than 100USD I will do two smaller headshots with different emotions
If its AB I will do all above + outfit of your choice reference style sheet ( name, informations, likes/dislikes )

If you buy this character and you want to sell it to someone - just let me know, ok ? I like to know who owns my designs ^^

Payment must be made through paypal !

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Renuve's portfolio

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