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Fursuit for sale

Asking 1500

60$+ shipping

I won't sell to minors! 18+ only


-payment plans welcome,must pay 500$ up front

- trying to sell as a whole piece!

-before selling the suit I plan to change minor things,like eye color so that I could keep the original character

-Selling a semi realistic suit

-It is a digi

-Has follow me eyes

-Worn out of the two years for about 9 hours

-Fits 24"

-Fits a 5'0 women

-Weight it fits is 130-140

-Feet and hand measurements in photos

-I am not sure if the head will work with peeps that have glasses!

-I have been around pets! Like cats and dogs.

-Breathing in the suit worked well with me but it does get hot
-This suit has some problems I'd like to address

-This suit has a hole which I can fit 2 fingers in on the right side on the thigh

-This zipper will not budge! It is extremely difficult and I've had this problem since the begining.

-There is a hole under the left eye but can be fixed very easy with some glue

-The feet size is wayyyy too big for me.

-Has derpy eyes but you can still see pretty well.

-Missing 4 rings on the ears which can be replaced super easy

Maker: menagerieworkshop.com/


(((((I am willing to answer any questions or concerns you have.))))

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