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Full Body + outfit Reference
Females,Kemonomimi,Male,Monster Girls etc except Anthro

breast size can be adjusted. Just let me know ^^ they will be fully colored/shaded :)

can also be male, but pose will be the same :) without breast and less curvy ofcourse. xD

if you want a solo version (without the outfit reference)

you can check out my other auction ^^
full size ver will be sent to you when it\s done ^^

samples of my works can be found here deviantart.com/shawn1013

* Female and boys/male allowed. your choice :)
* Humans,humanoids (kemonomimi) or monster girls only. i can't draw anthro qwq chars ineed more practice.
* Colors And Shading Included
* breast size and body type Can Be Changed depending on your character so let me know if you want to keep it this way or adjust it :) thanks.

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