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Starting bid

♥ Wrapped Gift ♥

YCH rules:
♥ Choose the gender you want! Girl, Boy, Inter, Femboy, Futa, we have it all!
♥ Any species is available too! (human, pony, furry, monster, alien, etc)
♥ SB - $3
♥ MB - $1

♥ SB-$9 : you get the sketch with flat coloring <3
♥ $10-$20 : You get the lineart with flat coloring, and you can choose the expression
♥ $21-$39 : Full color and shade!
♥ $40-$49 : Accesorize! (Any type of clothes or lingerie)
♥ $50-$69 : Add a sex toy, or penetration by an invisible partner (a.k.a, the floating dick)!
♥ $70-$79 : Simple background!
♥ +$80 : I’ll gift you a second image with fluids all over your character, or a simple alteration of your likeness ;)

Service rules:
♥ Paypal, $USD only
♥ Complete payment upfront (in 48 hours after ending of the auction)
♥ I’ll start drawing only after the payment is complete, if it’s not, the YCH will be back on auction.
♥ Be sure to pay attention to your mail or the site, because I’ll contact you via there.
♥ Have a nice day!

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