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Adoptable Mileena - Dragon Harpy

A beautiful dragon harpy named Mileena, she is a relentless warrior! Design I made with my partner, he made the lineart and I painted it. 馃挄 SB: 50 MI: 10 AB: --- BID +$10 Big tits BID +$15 pregnant version BID +$20 Futa version (Unclothed) READ PLEASE! 馃悮 the Winner receives the adopt with png background 馃悮 Only 24 hrs to pay once the auction ends (Try to send a quick message please ) 馃悮 You must give me your email so I can send you the invoice 馃悮 BIDs are paid separately after winning the auction if you want one of them 馃悮 Give me credits for the design 馃悮 I don't make refunds 馃悮 Only paypal 馃悮 Design and draw by Tswagi-slime and Nakthamz https://www.furaffinity.net/user/tswagi-slime https://twitter.com/nakthamz 馃悮 Only serious offers please

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