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★・・・・・・★ THE RULES ★・・・・・・★


- When the auction is over please wait for me to contact you. I will send you instructions for how to get your commission.

- Autosniping will/should be turned on.

- Unlike most other YCH auctions, the winner takes all the slots in a picture.

- I am doing a bunch of commissions all at once, and it will take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to complete. So please be patient with me. I try my best to get everything finished in a month.

- 50% payment is expected within 48 hrs. If you take longer I will assume you have abandoned your bid and will give it to the next highest bidder. 100% of payment is expect in 2 weeks and before I start coloring.

- Bidding is in USD currency and payments are done via paypal

- If you are a Patreon supporter on any tier you get 20% off your final bid BUT only the bid is over $50 .

- I will post all the commissions in my gallery. So make sure you are ok with your commission being public.

- 90% of earnings goes towards charity, the rest goes to my assistant colorist.


- You can bid on as many commissions as you would like, but if your bid wins you must commit to it.

- Split a commission with someone. More than one person can pay for a commission, but only 1 person needs to be in charge of handling the bids, and communicating with me. If there is a dispute between you and the person/s you are splitting the commission you guys are responsible for settling it.

- More than one person can send payment over paypal if you are splitting payment with other people.

- You can replace the base character with whatever character you want; male, female, furry. (No complex aliens or robots though).

- You can have characters with extra limbs but be aware their extra parts may or may not fit perfectly with the composition of the picture

- You can request changes in the character's expression.

- All bids are in USD


- Whine or complain. I am tired of saying this, I cannot draw pictures for everyone, at the price they want. Every suggestion or complaint is geared to better help the person complaining to get what they want. I'm not having it. If auctions are too stressful, too expensive or don't work for you, don't participate. I'm not having any of it, I can't please everyone.

- I will not draw underage characters nude, in sexual situations or in sexy outfits. They must over 18.

- Fight over commissions, let's try to be civil about this. You need to accept that there is a chance you may be out-bid by aggressive bidders and not win your top choice. It sucks I know, but try not to be a dick about it for my sake. It stresses me out when you guys fight. Accept defeat gracefully.

- Ask me to change the pose in any manner, or add more characters. Moving any of the limbs counts as changing the pose. I may make exceptions if a character has a non-human lower body (e.g lamia, dridder, centaur) Changing the facial expression is fine.

- Do not back out if you win. If you win and you back out, you will be black listed. Please bid responsibly and don't get carried away.

- Do not send me information about your commission via eka, discord or anywhere. PLEASE send me all the references and details via the form I will email once the bidding is over. I have to juggle many commissions, and I have to keep things organized or else it'll slow me down and stress me out when I have to hunt for information all over the place. The only exception is if I have a question or if you forgot a detail.

- Ask for a refund at any point. This is money I am raising for charity so don't be a dick.

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Auction questions

You can ask questions here. Please keep your questions civil and on topic, if you fail to do so your questions may be removed.

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