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SB: Headshot MI: $1 Bust up: $16 ≤ Half body: $20 ≤ Thigh high: $26 ≤ Full body: $34 ≤ ♡ 50% payment upfront, please ♡ Once the sketch has been approved, full payment required ♡ Will be given progress reports: sketch, line art, and base color ♡ Will receive png file via email ♡ You may only receive a refund before the sketch has been sent ♡ Don't trace, copy, or steal, please ♡ WILL DRAW ♡ female characters, ocs, fanart, humanoids, slight blood/nudity, real people in my style, any clothing style, and accessories ​ ♡ WON'T DRAW ♡ male characters, nsfw, mecha, furries, fetishes, elders, muscular characters, extreme gore ♡ ADD ONS MENU ♡ ♡ EXTRA CHARACTER: +50%/ea ♡ PROPS: +$0-3 usd ♡ COMPLEX CHARACTER DESIGN: +$0-5 usd (eg. flowers, lace, etc.) ♡ BACKGROUND: +$10-15 usd (one color/simple bg is free) ♡ USAGE RIGHTS ♡ ♡ PERSONAL USE RIGHTS: FREE :) ♡ RIGHTS MANAGED: +30% - you may use the image once for a specific commercial purpose (eg. one product or one advert.) - additional usage will require another license ♡ ROYALTY-FREE RIGHTS: +50% - you may use the image for commercial purposes infinitely and for whatever you want (eg. multiple products and/or adverts) ♡ IMPORTANT INFORMATION ♡ ♡ Please do not send any payment before I have accepted your order ♡ All payments will be made through PayPal by invoice ♡ I may decline any commission order before the payment ♡ Commission and customs usually take 2-4 weeks ♡ Commission files will be sent via email ♡ You may not trace/copy any of my commissions or customs ♡ REFUND POLICY ♡ ♡ You may only receive a refund before the sketch has been sent ♡ If I have finished the sketch and you have accepted it, I won't refund any payment and finish your commission. ♡ If I have missed or misread a detail of your character, you have all right to tell me and I will fix it without charge ♡ If a detail of your character is missing due to a lack of information given, I won't change it unless we discuss it and you pay a small extra charge ♡ MY SOCIALS ♡ https://www.instagram.com/v_kimi_/

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