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Shiny hooves~ BAPHOMET Protogen Adoptable

◦◦⟡Start Bid: $15 ◦◦⟡Minimum Increment: $5 ◦◦⟡Auto Buy: --- ◦◦⟡Milestones⟡◦◦ >> $70 Front version. >> $100 icon / profile pic. ◦◦⟡Extras⟡◦◦ +$70 reference sheet 1 additional view (back view) example: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/56038307/ +$20 any edits or minor changes. ◦◦⟡Adoptable Full Resolution: 3750px x 4450px ◦◦⟡Format: Transparent PNG ◦◦⟡As the owner, you can: • Get the full rights to this adoptable for personal use. • Choose name, gender, backstory, personality, etc • Use and/or modify the illustration for any purpose. ◦◦⟡As the owner, you will recieve: • 3 total images of the character. • The following images are versions with: white outline, fullbody image; flat color; one with simple background. ◦◦⟡Rules: • NO HOLDS! If you win the auction, you must reply to CMR (Direct message system from YCH Commishes) or FA notes system before 24hs, and you must pay in the first 48hs. • Once the auction ends if you don't answer past 24hs the second higher bid will be the owner. • Ko-Fi, Paypal, payoneer and Binance accepted (USD/USDT) • After full payment you can receive the pictures without watermark! • No refunds. • Only serious Bids! (registered user prefered) ➥For any doubts my DC is Lucero9298

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