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Merry xmas christmas sleigh/ Chibi

Hii SB:18 MB:10 AB:50 +Girl or Boy (I can change your expression) +Any clothes (if it is very exaggerated, it will be charged extra). +Tails wings horns etc, are charged 2 USD extra.(only humand) +I can draw furries, mythology, monsters but that change will cost an extra 5 USD. Rules: -Only acept PAYPAL. -Please make sure you have enough money to pay before bidding. -payment must be made in less than 24 hours. -Deadline 1-3 weeks. -Once the payment is made i will stars working. -A maximum of 4 advances will be sent in the process, if you want more, you will pay 2 dollars per extra. -DON´T copy, steal or trace my desings or base. -not for commercial use -I am allowed to publish the commissions in my networks -Credit the desing.

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