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MochiMochi ★★
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YCH: Welcome to China town
We don't give service to perverts

sb: $30
mi: $2


sb: Yellow character. Cell shading picture.

+50: Yellow+Blue characters.

+80: Yellow+Blue+Green characters.

+120: All characters in the picture.

+200: Soft shading.


Any species allow.
Yellow & Green characters female only.
Blue character male only.
Other characters can be any sex.

If winner doesn't get the other characters, they won't be erase, they will be just be random npc's design by me.


Paypal only.
Payment must be done within 48hrs after auction is done.
You can request payment plans above $100.
No refunds.

Samples These are examples of finished art

MochiMochi's portfolio

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jam kuradoberiiiii <3 <3
yeeees! <3 she was definitely my model for this ych haha
I CAN TOTALLY RELATE! I wanted to do something similar for a long time and Jam was the reason for it. I freaking love her, my fav chara in guilty gear and she's so cute *w*

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