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Nubian Succubus ♥
A golden, flowery, sexy succubi just for you!

Autobuy unlocks her alternative beach wear! ♥

* Payment: USD via Paypal *

based on a common white sheep and an Egyptian blue lotus, and gold!

♥ I'll reply and note you to ask for your email to send invoice to. After that, please send the payment within 24 hours!
♥ Please have the money on hand!

* After payment, you will receive: *

♥ Full size version of the character
♥ The right to own the character. The character will be completely yours to use (name her, give them story & personality, tweak the design or colors, etc), be sure to love them!

* Terms of Service *

♥ You may trade/gift the character
♥ You may also resell, but you're not allowed to sell it for higher than you bought it for (unless there is extra art)
♥ If you trade/gift/resell, please let me know who the new owner is
♥ No refund
♥ Don't claim the original art and design as yours
♥ The watermark stays on so I as the original creator can always be tracked down.
♥ Personal use only, you can print the art for t-shirt, keychain, and any other goods as long as you're not making any profit from it

♥ Failure to follow the rules stated can get you blacklisted from buying adopts or commissions from me again.

Samples These are examples of finished art

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