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-PAYPAL only -Cannot be resold -No refund -No NFT - (No commercial use) Auction also here: SB: (the image in 4K and PNG format of the The character/etc WITHOUT background) MI: $5 USD 30$ +5 emotions of free choice (to base design) 35$ +Headshot (The 5 emotions adapt to the Headshot) 60$ +Extra pose of the character (+Free Lineart) (A free choice, SFW) 85$ +Extra pose of the character (+Free Lineart) (A free choice, SFW) 100$ + All additional features 150$ +Reference Sheet (Front/Back (SFW) + 5 Head-shots with 5 emotions + 5 weapons or objects of your choice + color palette. Extras are negotiable) AB Commercial use: (You can use it in whatever you like) 200$ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADDITIONAL FEATURES: (SB +) + 5$ for the lineart + 10$ Design Modifications (To Base) + 5$ Timelapse (20 to 60 seconds mp4) (Access to download in HD, the videos are public in my account) + 30$ Extra outfit + 30$ Extra pose of the character (+Free Lineart) (A free choice, SFW) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Rules- Once the time is up, the winner must send the dollars no later than 3-5 days. Otherwise it will open again. (Or the web will be notified if messages are not answered) If you want to withdraw your offer, let me know in advance. (before the auction ends) Loot: https://loot.commishes.com/user/profile/Roci-adopts/

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