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Hagalaz ★★★
Starting bid
Buy this now! Autobuy enabled Bid more than $50.00 to own this piece immediately

Romance [blue slot]

Pink slot has got an auto buy. Because of that, any bid placed here will get a complete drawing, but no WIPs for bids lesser than 18$.

Price for a slot!


{| lineless/lineart
{| any dragon-like race is acceptable
{| any gender is acceptable
{| WIPs for complete art only


* colored sketch is lineless and less detailed, but isn't just a rough and lazy picture of your character.

Complete drawing (lineart):
* shaded lineart drawing.

Complete drawing (lineless):
*maximum detailed picture of your character


- PayPal only, within 48 hours

Auto buy bonuses:

- small gift from artist
- resolution higher than 2000х3000
- drawing would be done within a few days (3 days max)
! might take longer if commissioner requests changes/won't be able to reply fast

Samples These are examples of finished art

Hagalaz's portfolio

Auction questions

You can ask questions here. Please keep your questions civil and on topic, if you fail to do so your questions may be removed.

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Heeeck! I messed it up x( I thought the description said "Pink Slot" and didn't saw the link. Can you remove my bid on the blue and place it on the pink?
I can remove it here, but only you can place bids on auctions^^ Pink slot link: ych.commishes.c...pink-slot/
Done, by the way~
Hehe thank you! I'll bid on that one^^ I'm one of these rare people using small phones and the title was too small that I didn't saw ^^' sorry for the mistake!
Can the blue slot be a female? :o
And what does this autobuy gift entail? :o
Gift is a non-shaded lineart drawing of any character you wish for c:
That means you may use the same character for slot/gift, or choose one for slot and another one for a giftie. Something like that~
Well then, I hope that pink slot has a nice character .-.

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