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fvidal ★★
Starting bid
Automatic bidding Auction on sale This auction is being offered at a discounted rate

*Any character you like with this pose*

* clothes can be changed at the buyer's choice or without
* full color
* includes simple background
* the expression can be changed
* Paypal only payments
* After the payment we can start with your character :3
* Please...Only serious bidders

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Fvidal's portfolio

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Can the character be male?
Sure! No problem :3
Hey, I think I won thus but I haven't received an email.
Hi! Yes i write over CRM but i dont know but I do not know what happens :c?
if you definitely can't, send me your mail c:
Do you have a FA or somewhere else we could communicate?
Well this i my DeviantartA: soranihanabi.de...ntart.com/
And tumblr: soranihanabi.tumblr.com/

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