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It's DEF a Perfect fit! Explosive Yoga Pants (femboy-female)

ᵔᴥᵔ Hi there! We all have a pair of pants we consider JUST PERFECT. Have you found your perfect fit yet? That kind of... explosive fit..? >This is a finished example I did; for LAYNE FURRY. ☞ INFO YOU NEED TO KNOW AS A BUYER: ⤷ I really like mix media. I work on the combination of photos and drawings; to create something interesting and whimsical. When you buy from me, you get something really exclusive & unique to add to your collection UwU ⤷ Try to contact me ASAP, so I can fit you in my agenda ♡ I can draw: -Furry (Any species) -Humans (and anything in between; monster girls, nekomimi, demon) -Anime/games/pony ♥ Clients I've had - (my reputation) ♥ https://loot.commishes.com/user/profile/shizu/ ☞ INFO ABOUT THIS AUCTION: It's going to start at ONE dollar. Yes folks, you have heard right. Im just good like that UwU It's going to look very beautiful if you buy it for 1usd, Tho the higher the bid; the more extravagant the quality and quantity OwO -MI: 1usd -AB: 50usd (DETAILED UwU + rendered + extra backgrounds + photomontages (gym/yoga studio/yoga home) soft lines + sticker + ALL THE GOOD STUFF! (you will be getting like... a whole BUNCH of versions; yeah, Im obsessive; you'll see) - Personal use only. NOT commercial (negotiable. Generally it's like 10usd more; but ask first >w<) ᵔᴥᵔ In 24hs the auction will be closed ᵔᴥᵔ > Want to commission me? Have you seen my portafolio and there's something from there you want right now? >w< Write me! https://crm.commishes.com/task/create/Shizu/ ☞ ABOUT THE PAYMENT: ♥ Payment on PayPal (USD ONLY) No boosty. No other sketchy platforms. No risks. No-fine-print. ♥ Simple but important one; Don't bid if you are not sure. ☞ ABOUT HOW WILL I WORK: ♡ I'll need a reference -if you give me a description, it has to be a very detailed one- you can also send art you really like of your sona, so I get an even better idea ↪ I'll start working on your commission IMMEDIATELY, so I can provide you the result ASAP. ↪ It will take me 1 week -MAX- to finish your commission, but I -most probably- will finish in 3 days or so (sooner if you require that to me) ↪ Super chill with corrections. You don't have to pay extra if I need to correct things. I want to deliver something you really like. And no; you don't have to pay extra if your sona has wings; horns; or a complicated design ↪ You can ask me to send you WIPS, if you'd want that ↪ You can totally ask me to keep your commission private, if you want that; cero problems. It stays between whoever you want. I'd be working on YOUR commission; so you decide. ↪ Need to contact me urgently? @shiobunny on telegram If you don't have an account on commisshes; I DON'T & WON'T place bids. You can bid using your email- Pleas stete the name of your sona on your bid if you are a regular client ^u^ ♥ If you want to see my artwork; Check my PORTAFOLIO which only contains commishes work https://portfolio.commishes.com/user/shizu/ (✿◠‿◠) Telegram channel: @shiobunny ♥ Much love, Shizu (✿◠‿◠) [FINAL NOTES]: > It'd be cool to read your feedback! So feel free to write a review, once i finish your commission; I'd absolutely adore getting to know if you liked my services [Info about what you shouldn't do]: *YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO: Trace my artwork - Use my artwork as a base - use my designs for profit - sell them as NFT - resell my artwork* > This is the only way in which I make money, please be respectful

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