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Play with me - SLOT C


-Half body shot (sample sketch)
(FULL COLORED overall when bid reaches $25)
-flat colored background
-HUMAN ONLY (OC, fan art of your choice)
- additional $15 for nudity/sexual themes

-must have reference ready
-Payment via Paypal
-Commission will start once payment is secured

Contact info: [email protected]

Samples These are examples of finished art

Arc_lauren's portfolio

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Update! This is an emergency commission so I'll end this auction by wednesday. :3
> additional $15 for nudity/sexual themes
Does that mean finished picture will have nude breasts with heart-shaped censorship if price will go without this additional $15?
Even if there's no nudity there's still sexual themes in it (fondling) so there's still an additional $15 plus this is also considered as a couple artwork.

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