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✨ Computer font commissions ✨ SALE TERMS: ALL PRICES 50% OFF THE WEBSITE LISTINGS Do you need some snazzy custom text for your D&D campaign? Have you ever wanted to be able to type in a custom script you've made? Have you ever had an idea for a font but didn't know how to make it? With my service, I can provide you a font for use on any PC so all you have to do is type it out! Discord: Nuyube#6878 Email: nuyubexz at big G More Information (pricing, explanation of some terms): https://commissions.nuyube.xyz/im-a-buyer/font-commissions Also please read the terms of the license! In summary: $20: - Letters (capital and lowercase) - Numbers - Punctuation - Common Arithmetic symbols (includes parentheses) - # $ % - (+3 of your choice for free) - Kerning for $2.50 (80 characters) $30: - Entire $20 tier - [] {} <> - _ ~ | ` @ & ^ \ - all accented characters in the ascii table - 5 currency symbols of your choice - +15 of your choice for free, $0.32 per character after that. - 15 free ligatures, $0.40 for each ligature after that. - Free kerning (132 characters, 15 ligatures) Output formats: - TrueType Font - OpenType Font - WebFont Font for all you web devs ;) - Something else? I can export like 15 types. You MUST provide your OWN design! I can't design the characters for you! (You can just draw them on paper - along with the "standard" version so I know what I'm looking at - and then scan it or take a picture). Turnaround Time: 1 month Payment on completion (before fonts are sent back) Accepted Payment Methods: Cash App, Paypal, Kofi, something else maybe? No Refunds I may be able to do characters from other languages, but I may require example text files to test the font. If your language uses the Latin character set (English, Spanish, French, etc.), you can get the Advanced tier to get those characters implemented.

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