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Tea | ych

any specie/gender. paws and ears can be edited according to your character's specie if you bid more than $8 $6 = flat color, no lineart edits [i can add hairs, tail and/or horns] $8 = flat color, lineart can be edited $11 = flat color, lineart can be edited , shading - Let me know if you want to change color of background or any item! - I'll need visual reference sheet of character that I need to draw - payment: PayPal via boosty [you will need donate to my boosty account] - I'll start working after payment - no commercial use. Don't repost without credits. - let me know if you don't want me to post finished results in social medias - deadline: 2 month [Probably I'll finish work faster, like 1day-1week] when I'll finish the work and ych.commishes will ask you for review, I'll highly appreciate if you could write one <3 My other links/social medias if you're interested: https://yeky.carrd.co

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