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Hello there! >w< Today Im bringing you this cutie; an adorable GARDEVOIR pokesona. She's ready to have fun; and enchant everyone [as a matter of facts, Her favorite power is "enchant", so be careful with this mischievous gal] Easy going and care free; this Gardevoir loves summer, dancing and partying [Comes with a bikini version] Pool parties are everything to her, so take her to have fun when you have the opportunity. Remember to keep an eye on her tho; she might look all soft and shy; but she is a party animal, and a seducer. Im very fond of it, please take care of it :3 [You can zoom in to check her cute face. File is enormous; 3000x3000PX] -Im saving all my commission money to buy a decent notebook/pc; mines about to explode- CLOSE TO MY GOAL BID TIERS: 20 USD: Nude version 25 USD: +Ahegao face icon 85USD: AB. You'll have the nude version, the ahegao icon. A soft render for all the pieces + big extra surprise UwU -You'll receive the full body jpeg + png + color palette -No watermark -IMPORTANT: SB Comes with a bikini version as a gift -You aren't allowed to RESELL the sona. You are only allowed to give it as a gift, or trade it. You aren't allowed to sell it -in any way- unless you have extra art of her -Just for personal use, [we must discuss a price if it's for commercial use] If you don't have an account on commisshes; I DON'T & WON'T place bids. You can bid using your email ☞ ABOUT THE PAYMENT: ♥ Payment on PayPal (USD ONLY) IMPORTANT: if you AB; you can pay in parts, no problem with that I've created this sona inspired by the Pokemon GARDEVOIR. Base belongs to me, and I might use it again in the future

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