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Katherine Wright
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Teacup ♥ YCH
Happy Tea and Auctioneers Day!

Your Character Here Auction

♥ Any gender is allowed.
♥ If you have questions on what I can draw or my preferences, ask below in the comments so others can see them as well.
♥ The characters must have picture reference...
♥ Fan Art / Fan OC's are allowed! I can draw most anything that is in human shape. I can draw Anthros. I should be able to do Furries but check with me first if you're unsure.

Auction Details
Payment Method: DeviantArt Points and/or Paypal and/or Google Wallet ONLY Please (Conversion rate of $1 USD = 100 Points)
No e-checks.

Starting Bid: $15USD or 1500points
Autobuy: None

[Bid Ladder]
$15+ for Clean Line
$20+ for Monochrome
$25+ for Flats
$30+ for Full color (It'll look similar to this www.furaffinity.../27095340/ )

♥ Please pay within 72 hours after being proclaimed winner. I will not start drawing the YCH until you have sent payment and provide character reference.

♥ Place a bid with your contact details. I will send you a message with payment details and asking for character information to the winner.
♥♥ You do not need an account to bid on this site.
♥♥ If you want to be contacted on Furaffinity or Deviantart or Toyhouse or Instagram, just your [email protected] as your name when bidding / leave a comment with your username and the site (or I guess on my page/private message because this site doesn't allow those without accounts to comment XD)! Or else will contact the winner by email provided in the bid using the CRM system.

♥ Serious bidders and buyers only!
♥ Sold items are not returnable. No refunds allowed.

♥ Auction end: 7 days with snipe guard
♥ Winner will receive: larger version, unwatermarked version of the finished commission featuring the owner's character. (To clarify, you will not be getting the character example here. I will be drawing the winner's character on this base.)


In general follow my TOS ( rumcandyadopt.d...-494721313 ) if you'd like to purchase from me; below is tldr;
♥ By bidding you agree to these rules and the TOS.
♥ Only the owner is allowed to use the finished work.
♥ I retain all copyrights to my artwork.
♥ Please credit me for artwork. ( RumbyFishy @ DA / RumblyFish @ FA & IG & Tumblr / Rumby @ Toyhouse / Patreon.com/Rumcandy wherever it is appropriate )
♥ Do not trace/ copy /steal the art.
♥ Breaking our rules and terms of services puts buyer on blacklist, and we will take back our art without refunding.
♥ I can hold for the allotted payment period designated on the YCH's description, but please ask.
♥♥♥Anything longer than listed can only be requested by a frequent buyer/customer.
♥♥♥ I do not do holds if you plan to pay with points!

Samples These are examples of finished art

Rumby's portfolio

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