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Horror Style

I can draw your fursona, pony or OC (human-humanoid, creature or monster) in a creepy style and horror manga vibe, I can also design a monster, demon, humanoid or creature from a text, story or some reference images. (No extra fee!) Waist Up: Lineart $25 Line +flat colors $32 Lineart Extra detailed drawing + BW greyscale $50 Fullbody: Lineart $45 Line +flat colors $65 Lineart Extra detailed drawing + BW greyscale $75 •Lineart Extra detailed drawing + BW greyscale + Complex color: $90 Extra character +50% of total price Background (Detailed drawing): $25 only for BW greyscale slot If you wanna see more examples you can visit my IG: https://www.instagram.com/lugubre_design/ - Deadline 15-18 days business days. - Payment must be made within 48 hours after the end of the auction - Payment Paypal If you not won, but want a commission - please, write to me here: https://crm.commishes.com/task/create/BunBunBeat/

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