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🎉 Celebration time 🎉 New year cocktail [furry-human]

ᵔᴥᵔ Hi there! ᵔᴥᵔ ♡ I'm offering this sexy festive YCH, to welcome this new year! ♡ >This is a finished example I did; sona belongs to "IMAGINE ROSÉ" -Im saving all my commission money to buy a decent notebook/pc; mines about to explode- //REALLY close to my goal// ☞ INFO YOU NEED TO KNOW AS A BUYER: ⤷ I did everything; including the photomontage; so you get something really unique UwU ⤷ You have 2 days max to contact me, so I can fit you in my agenda ⤷ If you want to add something else, just tell me! >:3 MI: 1usd AB: 40usd FROM 16USD, IT'S SHADED & DETAILED <otherwise; flat color> ᵔᴥᵔ In 24hs the auction will be closed ᵔᴥᵔ ♡ I can draw: -Furry (Any species) -Humans (and anything in between; monster girls, vampires, demons) -Oc's/fanart/anime ♡ I'll need a reference -if you give me a description, it has to be a very detailed one- you can also send art you really like of your sona, so I get an even better idea No, you don't have to pay extra if your sona has wings; horns; or a complicated design ♥ Clients I've had - (my reputation) ♥ https://loot.commishes.com/user/profile/shizu/ -If you don't have an account on commisshes; I DON'T & WON'T place bids. You can bid using your email- ☞ ABOUT THE PAYMENT: ♥ Payment on PayPal (USD ONLY) ♥ Please ONLY make bets if you are sure that you will be able to pay! Don't bid if you are not sure, please! ☞ ABOUT HOW WILL I WORK: ↪ I'll start working on your commission IMMEDIATELY, so I can provide you the result ASAP. ↪ It will take me 3 days -MAX- to finish your commission, but I -most probably- will finish it the same day you send me the reference. ↪ No, you don't have to pay extra if I need to correct things. I want to deliver something you really like. ↪ You can ask me to send you WIPS, if you'd want that ↪ You can ask me to keep your commission private, if you want that ♥ If you win the auction; contact me! You have 2 days to contact me; otherwise, you won't fit in the agenda [and-or] I'll contact the second highest bid [FINAL NOTE]: > It'd be cool to read your feedback! So feel free to write a review, once i finish your commission; I'd absolutely adore getting to know if you liked my services --> Want to commission me? >w< My commissions are open; Write me! https://crm.commishes.com/task/create/Shizu/ Info about what you shouldn't do: *[YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO: Trace my artwork - Use my artwork as a base - use my designs for your profit - sell them as NFT - Steal my photomontages, or draw over them - resell my artwork]* > This is the only way in which I make money, please be respectful ♥ If you want to see my artwork; Check my: -Telegram channel: @Shiiobunny -OR you can check my PORTAFOLIO which only contains commishes work https://portfolio.commishes.com/user/shizu/ ♥ Much love, Shizu (✿◠‿◠)

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