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Human/Furry/Anthro & etc. Slot Commission

8 $ - clean sketch portrait (without b/w and color) 12 $ - clean sketch half body (without b/w and color) 15 $ - clean sketch full body (without b/w and color) + 5 $ with flat colors and flat shades - Simple background: free. - sketch background +3$ --- 14 $ - render portrait with b/w and shading 20 $ - render half body with b/w and shading 24 $ - render full body with b/w and shading 8$ background with b/w and shading --- 24 $ - semi realism portrait without line 34 $- semi/realism half body without line 44 $ - art with detailed character (full body) - sketch background with flat colors and flat shades +8$ - Second character +100% to the starting price +16$ bg (The max detailed background) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- also i can draw several versions: in underwear, in clothes and etc. clean sketch for 3 versions +3$ render with b/w and shading for 3 versions +6$ art with detailed character for 3 versions +8$ 100% Payment via Boosty Please note that payment on Boosty is via PayPal. If necessary, I will provide you with a guide for paying on Boosty. ㋡ 𝐈 𝐍 𝐅 𝐎 ㋡ ( ͡❛ ᴗ ͡❛)Any gender ( ͡❛ ᴗ ͡❛)Any physique ( ͡❛ ᴗ ͡❛)Any emotion ( ͡❛ ᴗ ͡❛)Any ages I do not draw 18+ content with minors. ( ͡❛ ᴗ ͡❛)Any species ( ͡❛ ᴗ ͡❛)Antro characters ( ͡❛ ᴗ ͡❛)Any race ( ͡❛ ᴗ ͡❛)Furry ( ͡❛ ᴗ ͡❛)Any clotches, armor o You can not: ask for a refund or exchange o You can add: different types of ears, wings, horns, etc. o The deadline is from two weeks to two months. Depends on the complexity of the work. Terms are specified after payment for the order. You must complete full payment within 48 hours on boosty, otherwise your order will be canceled. If you have any difficulties, you can write to me. Loot https://loot.commishes.com/user/profile/Lane_hiroki Examples: https://portfolio.commishes.com/user/Lane_Hiroki/ ⸰ sketch https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/T8EQ/ https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/SJ39/ https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/SJ9V/ https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/QQ12/ ⸰render with b/w and shading https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/R26L/ https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/SP4I/ ⸰ full art https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/QQ18/ https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/SVNA/ https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/SNC5/ https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/QP41/ You can also order a commission from me separately from the auction: Telegram: @lane_hiroki Discord: lane_hiroki#6041 Gmail: [email protected] https://www.artstation.com/lanehiroki https://twitter.com/hiro20751194 https://www.instagram.com/lane_hiroki https://www.deviantart.com/lanehiroki https://www.furaffinity.net/user/lanehiroki/

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