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sale!…again because I need money hah.... Character auction

SB: 12$ MI: 1$
 AB: -
 Character owner: ShiroMirai Character designer: https://vk.com/kalmarvsmetanke 
* Payment only in USD via PayPal
 * The character has a toyhouse where I give it to you: https://toyhou.se/9971882.haru ─━━━⊹•••《 ₊°✧‧₊ 》•••⊰⊹━━━─ RULES: ✔︎ report the new owner within 24 hours —> https://toyhou.se/Lizzing ✔︎ ban on new rules and redoing old ones ✔︎ it is impossible for the character to be shared by more than three people (including the main owner) ✔︎ do not sell more expensive without new arts (gifts do not count) * arts: https://toyhou.se/9971882.haru

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