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Talk to me on my discord for extra comms or for any questions: Nami616#8615 Hello! Thanks for visiting my auction! I'll explain the details right away: ₍ᐢ. ̫.ᐢ₎ ✨Coloured sketch: Headshot: 10$ Half body: 15$ Full body: 20$ ✨Simple shaded: Headshot: 15$ Half body: 20$ Full body: 35$ ✨Full rendered: Headshot: 25$ Half body: 40$ Full body: 60$ To add a background costs from 20% to 50% extra depending on the complexity of it. ✨Rules: -NO NSFW. -Any gender. -Only Humanoid type of characters. -OC or Fanart ✨About the payment -I only accept paypal (USD), the payment must be done 48 hours after the end of the auction. -I start working after 50% of the payment, and the other 50% has to be paid after the approved sketch. The deadline is around 5-15 days after the first payment. (This is just an approximate, it may vary depending on the complexity of the piece. things like extra characters or certain backgrouns oftenly affect the amount of time spend.) If you want to see my art, you can check out my portfolio or enter the links down below: DA: https://www.deviantart.com/nami-t

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