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[Open] Weapon Adoptable #62 [Open] Weapon Adoptable #62

Starting Bid: $10 Min. Increments: $1++ AutoBuy: $30 [The auction will end 24 hours after starting bid or it has been auto brought.] Method of Payment: Paypal, Payoneer (Fee 10%), Boosty (Fee 10%), Buymeacoffee (Fee 10%) -The buyer has 24 hours to pay. -I'll do the message once I announce you as the winner of the auction. You have 24 hours to respond. -If ever the winner won't reply, I'll just move on to the next highest bidder. Receive: *Watermark-free *PSD, PNG Agreement: *Can change the name. *Can give as a gift. *Can be resold at a lower price. *Don't Claim the design as your own. *Don't resell. *Don't Copy. *If used for commercial purpose please let me know. I placed it up for auction in several places!!! Please check here https://www.deviantart.com/yuhanoone https://ych.commishes.com/user/Yuhanoone https://www.furaffinity.net/user/yuhanoone/

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