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Starting bid: 20 USD. 馃挐 Strawberry Macchiato Cowgirl 馃挐

This auction is cross-platform, any bids added by me are from TH or DA. - https://toyhou.se/17357587.-open-auction-adopt - https://www.deviantart.com/dimiesti/art/Auction-OPEN-USD-Strawberry-Macchiato-Cowgirl-924740178 SB: 20 USD MI: 1 USD AB: Starts at 100 USD, see below: - Bid 120 and I'll include an icon. Expression is up to you. - Bid 140 and I'll include a half-body. Pose is up to you. - Bid 160 and I'll include a full body. Pose is up to you. - Bid 220: all of the above. All SFW Only. Turn over for optional art will be 2-3 weeks. Upon purchase you will receive: - Full commercial & personal rights to this design. - Unwatermarked image. - Version of image rendered & transparent background. - Version of image with base colors only & transparent background. Rules: - Payment in 48 hours after accepting final bid, otherwise I'll repost the auction. - Payment options: cashapp preferred, paypal also available however. - Payment plans available for over 100 USD. - You may retrade, resell, and redesign this adoptable, but please credit me for the original design.

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