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-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤- 💦 ♥SB: $35 png files 💦 ♡MI: $3 💦 ♥AB: $105 commercial use and ver without top T-shirt +$120 full body -✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤- ✦Payment✦: PayPal Only! (USD) -✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤-✧-✤- 💦RULES💦 -◈ Customer will get art on his/her order; -◈ Please make sure you have money in your hand when you bid; -◈ Always indicate the author's nickname (it is indicated first in the name of the title); -◈ Can be used commercially. -◈ NO refunds (withdrawing is not acceptable). !ATTENTION! The auction also takes place here. Please check the relevance of the bid by comparing it with a bid on this site: - (DA) https://www.deviantart.com/mrsneakers/art/MOTIMOTCHI-Adopt-Auction7-OPEN-924732387 Artist: https://www.deviantart.com/minyone Follow us on INSTAGRAM: nekopaws_adoptshop https://www.instagram.com/nekopaws_adoptshop/

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