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Please read the description! YCH "Let's drink it" by MAK

Payment: Boosty (via PayPal) Any gender/species/race (humanoid-only) ❤ Bonus-list: 🌺 SB: Non-colored art Ex: no colors; just line 🌺 25$ Flat-colored art Ex: as at auction 🌺 50$ Simple shaded art Ex:  https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/QV9B/ 🌺 80$ Full-rendered art Ex:  https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/PGPF/ ❤Additional content: *Pose&Face (sfw only) - Another facial expression (instead of current one) - free - Additional facial expression + 5% from your bid (per one) - Another pose/angle of view + 15% from your bid *Clothes&Accessories (sfw only) - No clothes +30% from your bid - Complicated clothes (Armor/a large number of accessories/multi-layer suit) + 40% *Background - No background/Current background - free - Another background - discuus (from 5$ to 30$) *Fixed Prices - Private art (nobody will see the final art) $20 - Exclusive art (auction won’t re-run) $50 Other changes and NSFW content - discuss :) ❤ Kind of RULES * 100% prepayment * Payment must be sent during the 3 days after the auction ends *Deadline - discuss (YCH is on Rerun!)

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