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Magnifying glass
Starting bid

Heart Eyes

Hair style and other features can be changed to fit your character, the final picture should be around 1500 px this is just an sketch!

SB: $6
MI: $1
-Any species close enough to the model (including humans)
-Any gender (I can draw flat, bigger and smaller chest)
-You must have references of your character ready (pictures, no text)
-Paypal only.
-Payment must be made in 48 hours after the auction ends.

-Initial Bid: Solids with just a bit of shading/blushing. Example: fav.me/dbukvsl and on my gallery!
- +30 : Full shading. Example: fav.me/dbua3rc /my gallery
- +60 : You get a free sketch (single character).

Samples These are examples of finished art

SspicyTuna's portfolio

Auction questions

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