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Robert McAvoy
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After Trainings (ANIMATION)

For 150$ there will be flatcolor
For 200$+ there will be shadings (exmpl - ych.commishes.c...d-running/ ych.commishes.c...ch-b-slot/ )

- Females or futa;
- Any pony species or any furry species with little muzzle;

Winner will get:
- swf file (1250x1080px, can be more depending on details);
- gif file;

- Payment via Paypal;
- Payment must be send in 3 days after the end of an auction;
- Bids and payment in USD;

If you win:
- You need to have a reference picture (not text);
- Payment must be sent up front;
Help me to buy new computer, mine is dying D:>

Samples These are examples of finished art

VallSh's portfolio

Auction questions

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Which program do you animate in? I love the flow of this!
oh, this was made half in TVPaint 10, half in ToonBoom Harmony 15 oзo previous animations was made fully in TVPaint :0 and thank you ^^
Thank you! Its well worth the bids :3
sweet jesus that price is LIT

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