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I Love You... (COMIC)
Both slots

Sorry, really need the money for new computer... :(

- can be male or female (It could be a couple of gays or lesbians, by the way);
- can be any pony species.

- paypal or Qiwi;
- payment must be received 24 hours after end of auction.

!!ATTENTION!! Keep in mind when you pay, PayPal will charge a commission like 3-4$

Bid goals:

+$30 - sketch
+$40 - colored sketch
+$60 - full colored lineart
+$80 - full colored and shaded art as in examples

My sites:
VK: https: vk.com/club84244780
Instagram: www.instagram.c...uns/?hl=ru
Tumblr: hiloumuns.tumblr.com/

paypal.me/HilouMuns or [email protected]

Samples These are examples of finished art

Selena's portfolio

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