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Any gender!
Any creature!(Furry and humans!)
SB: 20$
Min: 1$
AB:80$ (Bonus NSFW)
You get full art with your character.
For a bet 80$ version without clothes as a bonus.
End of Auction after 7 days
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People who buy this YCH - I'm warning you that this person is a plagiartist. The pose of the character is copied from my drawing. Don't know how many people this man fooled, but I hope that no one else be deceived. On the left is my work, on the right is the work of this artist. ( sun9-6.userapi....2ORgY8.jpg ) All drawings are different in style drawing, so be careful! This man can deceive you! He has a few nicknames: BlackSD and Bores_User (Bored_User and etc) In several social networks, he posted the same pictures under different nicknames. Handwriting in the signature is very similar. Be careful! ( www.dropbox.com...6.png?dl=0 )
The only thing in common in these works - showing panties kind of skirt, but even the poses are different.
That's too much. Besides, you came from the NSFW ASK, where I recently fasted. Too much of a coincidence to not be right in this situation. :)
I found all your accounts and where and how you published under different nicknames.
I really do not understand, can you provide a link to your vk, plz
And Cmon, the Internet is lots and lots of artifacts with demonstration panties, and?
Common in these works, again, only panties and maybe the position of the hands.
Look at the legs, head, body position, body, Tits, in the end. + I tried to do perspective (something happens)
But why so similar? :>
Because you are fixated on it.
I wouldn't have written it if it didn't look like my drawing.
Many a man. I'll send you the screenshots of the Vk
The problem, as I understand, solved.
Maybe for you
You still think I stole your art? Jesus..
Dear customers! The conflict is settled! What happened here was a mistake, so I apologize to the author and wish him a good work with this art.
Well the pose+ perspective is exactly the same but he did change the head position the hand positions(fingers) the legs boobies. Still the resemblance is too close not to think the other drawing was traced and edited. I.d say. "Heavely referenced maybe :))
Yes, Lord.
First, we have already solved the problem with the AUTHOR, if you haven't noticed.
And secondly, I can give you some anime art in the same position, AT exactly the same angle and subject.
Of course there are. Even mangaka and animators copy other works, movie directors go to conventions buy unknown artists' artbooks and "reference" oc designs for their movies. I didn.t say it.s a bad thing. And I did say you changed most of it.it.s normal to see smth you like and want to do your own version of it. It was just the timing of your submission with the other person having smth very similar on this small site. I just stated my opinion.
If I wanted to copy or make similar, I would have done it with good art.
No offense to the author, but still.
The fact that you think I decided to make sounds like this person is complete nonsense.
No it doesn.t :))) I just gave examples from real life about some folks who are very popular or professional. That doesn.t make the people in this case nonsense or insignifiant. Stop getting so angry and please don.t put words in my mouth I didn.t put in yours. I just said it was a too big coincidence she submitted that drawing last week and you come with something very similar the next. Coincidence or not I only said it was very similar.
I didn.t jump on you and insult you and accuse you.
Do you take bitcoin?

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