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Magnifying glass
Sky Fang
Sky Fang
Starting bid

Tenderness (mini comix)

It's just a sketch.
The result will be 100 times more beautiful!

Instead of the specified sample there can be your character.
- Any race | pony | furry
- The text can be changed as you wish.
- The plot of 3 pages of the comics can be changed.
- Pattern options (painting style):
1) 50-150 $ lifejoyart.devi...-723538007
2) 150+ lifejoyart.devi...-727818384
- Detailed background from 200 $
- NSFW from 200 $
- Page format A3 297 × 420mm

Samples These are examples of finished art

MaxFauler's portfolio

Auction questions

You can ask questions here. Please keep your questions civil and on topic, if you fail to do so your questions may be removed.

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Is that me bidding there? I did not bid for this wth! O.o
lol wut? I have no idea what you mean. There is no any your bidding here )
Lol it disappeared :))) i swear to god I saw my name :))
lol ,mine is too! And I did not bid :)))))))) what the f is going on DX
That would be heh, sorry about the confusion ^^;
That would be me heh, sorry about the confusion ^^;
I.m confused how are there two kira?
I had not signed up for the site yet XD as soon as I saw people freaking out, I thought it best to sign up and respond here so no one thought there was any sort of fraud. Again, my apologies for the confusion ^^;
XDDDD well my name appeared XD so you can imagine my confusion [plus panick I don't have enough money to bid on this one too xD already bid on one]
didn't know you can bid without having an account o.o how do you contact the person after they win if they don't have an account
Hehe it seems there are many Kiras in the world XD
:)))))))) site needs better username checks xD
I have to withdraw due to an unexpected mishap with my PC motherboard. I had to replace it which cost me $200 ;-; I’m so sorry for the inconvenience
If the current highest one isn't real too, could I ask you to reupload it? (Just an 24hour auction) My upper limit would have been $200,- for this, which would be in between the higest and second highest bid
If the auctioneer does not write to me within 48 hours, I will arrange a second auction for you for a day. In any case, if you want to order from me, you can personally ask me and I'll draw you, almost everything you want.
I immediately warn. I do not draw the comic quickly, like a regular drawing, my work and your patience are needed, if you are ready to order, it would be good.
On all questions that interests you, you can write to my mail, I will answer your questions. [email protected]
Well, that reminded me that I was already talking to you on deviantart... Sorry for not responding, I tend to forget about that side... But I'll keep it in mind, as the other lictures you made for me were just sheer beauty^^
Good. Regardless of how the process of the auction will go, I'll write to you on devianart. I hope we will agree. -)
Write to me please on deviantart: lifejoyart.deviantart.com/
my e-mail [email protected]
We'll talk about the comic book order.

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