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Cutie Tiger Adopt
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Sorry for a non dnd adopt! (I mean... she could just be a tabaxi..) - I just felt like making something different this time around! Hope you enjoy her! - This bid will go on a bit longer since I'll be out camping for a few days but after that I'm hoping to open my commissions again! There will be payment milestones for this adopt ^^!

Please let me know if you have and questions or concerns! Hopefully you all like them!

Please only true bids, We can change anything after the bid is finished! I'll provide the full HD photos and files when the auction is over :)!

Sb - (?) whatever it costs to upload this adopt !
Mb - 1 usd
Ab - No Ab this time around since I wouldn't be able to contact until around the bid ends. If you'd like to reach me message me on twitter or discord!

!! Tiers:
70 usd - Any changes to the drawing you'd want at all
170 usd - A full art commission
Anything after this we can discuss afterwards ^^!!

Feel free to do whatever you'd like with the character after its sold (sell it, recolor it or change things)

Find me on twitter @ Minikiiq and Discord @ minikii#0282

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