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Adopt ||+additional arts
my arts: https://twitter.com/radioaxi

Just pastel mare

===============★ SPECIAL BIDS ★===============
(Each consecutive bid may include all previous arts & animations)

ᅠ40$ or more - +sketch portrait
ᅠ65$ or more - +sketch half-body with background
ᅠ95$ or more - +semi-anthro version or humanization
ᅠ120$ or more - +fullbody with simple background (pony or semi-anthro)
ᅠ185$ or more - + animated icon
ᅠ250$ or more - + first dakimakura art
ᅠ285$ or more - + second dakimakura art
ᅠ320$ or more - +3 emoji witch this character (like stickers)

☆*:.。.o ☆ o.。.:*☆

* Payment via Boosty (accepts paypal wallets)

* I'll start working on the arts after payment

* Bids from me - it's bets from other platforms

ALL arts and animations will be drawn by me


For questions: Twitter - @RadioAxi or Discord = Phantom =#2472

Have a nice day!

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