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Adoptable I
Adoptable Auction

SB: $15
MI: $3


AB1: $50 You'll got the pic shown and character rights (are shown below).

AB2: $75 Half body version. I will make the half body version of the drawing shown plus the character rights.

AB3: $110 Full body version. I will make the full body version of the drawing shown, plus the character rights.

AB4: $250 You'll automatically get the character rights plus a full reference.

Prices in USD.
Payment only via Paypal.
There are no withholdings or refunds.
Payment must be made in less than 24 hours prior to confirming. So please take it into account.
You can decide to upgrade the ab, as long as they switch from the first autobuy.
Please be serious when bidding and you must be sure if you can bid, otherwise you will be blocked.
You can redesign it without problem.

Commercial use :
You can resell for the same price you’ll pay or less.

The winner of this auction will get:
PNG and JPG image without watermarks.
For AB you can get the .Clip or psd file with the image available to edit.
The rights to redesign it and full personal use.
Comercial use with restrictions.

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Samples These are examples of finished art

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