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3d model of your character!
The model is prepared for 3D printing, which means that you can print your character's figure!

I create 3d models ready to be printed on a 3d printer! I can create any character (furry pony man) of any gender, in clothes and without.
You get a 3d model and a render of the model from all sides for future references.

My finished works
You can look at my finished printed models here

--100$ (3d model)Your character in clothes + nsfw
--110$ the file will be provided to the model in a collapsible form for easy printing
--+ $50 for each new outfit
I can request an additional fee for character difficulty or clothing
700$ I also create a design of your character, I print it myself in 2 versions of each in 2 copies (in case of a breakdown on the way), color it and send it to you by parcel. Delivery is at your expense. Тhe size of the figure is from 10cm to 40cm
Payment only via boosty! (supports payment via PayPal)
my boosty https://boosty.to/ktan
how to pay via boosty! https://www.deviantart.com/cerrron/art/How-to-pay-for-your-order-via-boosty-910942032
The deadline is from 1 week to a month, I will inform you about the progress of the work

Samples These are examples of finished art

JanLuzin's portfolio

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