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01- Hold these

-Bid start: $35
-Minimum bid: $5

- Simple color background.
- You can have any character; Original characters or Fanart.
!!- Pose cannot be changed drastically, but minor alterations (like boob size or nipple shapes) are OK.
!!- If you're not able to pay within 24 hours, you'll lose the auction. Repeated occurrences will be considered bluffing/rigging and will end in a ban.
- Powerups can be added afterwards as extras. ( imgur.com/a/PyzXL )

You can see my finished works here on commishes (NSFW):

Or on my Tumblr (NSFW):

I also have a worksafe tumblr just in case:

---- Bonus ----

Reach $120: Free powerups up to $10
Reach $200: Free powerups up to $30
Reach $300: 1 free (simple) outfit version

If you win, I'll contact you with payment info through this website or your email.

Thank you!

Samples These are examples of finished art

Supersatanson's portfolio

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