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Starting bid

~Weaponizing Cute-Ness Pony~

You maybe know this episode of Penguins of Madagascar, "Cute-Astrophe". Yup. This was my inspiration xD

♥ female / male
♥ earth pony / pegasus / unicorn / alicorn / bat-pony
♥ Simple background (rainbow, clouds and sky)

Colors are only for visual effect. They will be changed.
THIS IS ONLY 'OUTLINE WITH COLORS' - Finished art will be fully shaded.
Examples are in my portfolio!
My deviantart - Julunis14

SB - $10
MB - $2
AB - ---

If the bid will be higher than:
♥ $20 - I make an additional computer-wallpaper-version of this.
♥ $40 - I do this art on A3, so you can print it. ^^

* PayPal
* Payment within 24 hours after the end of the auction
* Before drawing, you will get a detailed sketch with manes and other features to accept.
* I'll start drawing after payment.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Julunis14's portfolio

Auction questions

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