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Final X YCH

❤ Final Fantasy Yuna Wedding Themed ❤
- note this is just a rough sketch -

Fully Colored
Humans / Kemonomimis
Female / Shemale only
Valefor Summon

Starting Bid : 60$
Min. Increase : 5$
Auto Buy : 250 $ ( you can choose the Summon Beast & furry characters acceptable )

Paypal only!
Payment Plans available
No refunds!
Personal use only.
You will be provided with regular WIPS and HQ file ( A4 sized )
If you have any further questions leave a comment bellow or send me an email to : [email protected]

Samples These are examples of finished art

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Pressed enter out of force of habit... over how much time is the payment plan?
Hey! I normally give 2 months ( 60 days ). Where you can pay whatever and whenever you like within that time :) but it can be discussed ofc~!

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