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5 arts of your character ^^
Draw your character!

Hi! I'm looking forward to work with you!

- only PayPal (USD)

-work with prepayment 50% or 100%

- I can draw any type of character and any pose\emotion preferences

- The number of free corrections is limited. First 3 corrections are free. After you use all of them ,in order to correct something in process you'll have to pay 1 USD per correction. (So please try to fit all your suggestions into these corrections)

-Please don't participate if you are not going to communicate after ending of auction ^^

-15$+ 5 only line headshot arts
-20$+ 5 line+simple color headshot arts
-25$+ 5 rendered headshot arts
-30$+ 5 only line half body arts
-35$+ 5 line+simple color half body arts
-40$+ 5 rendered half body arts
-45$+ 5 only line full body arts
-50$+ 5 line+simple color full body arts
-55$+ 5 rendered full body arts

- 65$+ gets one line art as a gift (you can chose- head or half body)

*if your character has a lot of specific details it will cost +7$ to initial price- you can ask me about difficulty of your character ^^

In the picture you can se the version "rendered"
P.S. the picture is only example, you can choose any option you want ^^

Here you can read reviews of my clients ^^ https://loot.commishes.com/user/profile/beatrice

Below you can see samples of my art works!

Samples These are examples of finished art

Beatrice's portfolio

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