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Oh my heart

Please if you don't have the money don't bid ;v; <3
If you don't know how this site works I have other social medias
(I also speak spanish)

*The characters in the ych are for example, the species can be changed*

Remember to check my FA or even my ychcommishes page to see how they would look like!

*After this auction ends I'll send you the payment link
* you can pay with paypal or DA points
*you need to be as clear as possible, to omit errors and make changes at the last minute.
*I have the right to upload the drawing, however, if you do not want it uploaded, let me know first.

Any gender
Oc/FC/CC is ok!

+ I draw more felines, canines, foxes, bears, birds and rodent.
+ I can do With or without clothing
+ I can change The expressions
+ I have a ych/commissions form!

Thank you very much!

My furaffinity:

My DA:

My ychcommishes page:

(Find me as heshestar in any social media :D )

Samples These are examples of finished art

Heshestar's portfolio

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