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Vadim, the Dusk Stalker

"This heirloom is my burden, and mine alone."

SB: $50
MB: $5
AB: $400

Reputation & Reviews:

Final image is 4000px longest side.
Only PayPal(USD), without refunds.
Payment must be completed within 24 hours after the invoice is sent.
1 month Payment Plan available.
Furaffinity Auction (I manually update bids as often as possible):

-You may change the name of the character.
-You may not claim the work to be your own or set it up for redistribution.
-You may change the character's qualities to your liking.
-You may trade the character for other designs.
-You may re-post the art you've received.
-You may sell the character for the same price you purchased it with.

-The final high quality image will be sent once the final payment has been made.
-All digital artwork of the character remains my property until paid for in full.

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