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Starting bid

art style examples: https://softclakiee.tumblr.com

— Personal use and enjoyment only.
— Please inform if you’re looking for a fixed deadline.
— Commission price may vary depending on complexity of character's design, additional details, etc.

Will draw
— Human / anthropomorphic original characters, fan characters, fanart
— Pastel gore
— R-15
— Light mecha (little robotic parts or dynamic accessories)
— Yume / selfship / oc x canon

Will not draw
— Explicit nsfw / R-18
— Offensive content
— Any other gore genre besides pastel gore
— Full-mecha, furry

— Via PayPal (USD)
— 100% prepayment
— I will start working once I receive the payment
— Refunds only before sketch. Refunds after sketch will be discussed.

— I like to work with visual references. If you want me to draw a written reference, we can discuss it.
— All major corrections, feedback and changes should be discussed during the sketch process. Only small corrections can be adjusted after confirming the sketch.
— Time for completion may vary with each individual commission. I use to make questions to be sure about everything in the sketch, early responses are very appreciated (+ it’s a win-win for you and I).

Samples These are examples of finished art

Clakiee's portfolio

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